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Boost Your Drinking Habits: Know Your Type of Residential Drinking Water Filter

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Drinking water is crucial to our health but we often take it for granted. If you’re planning to boost your drinking water habits, then you should have a reliable drinking source besides clean and potable tap water. If you prefer purified drinking water, knowing the fundamental drinking water filters and cartridges, such as an Everpure water filter cartridge, will help you boost your water drinking habits.

Water filters have many uses in commercial, medical institution, and homes. The latter can be classified to two uses: there are water filters for home which are used in the kitchen and bathroom faucets, while there are drinking water filters for human consumption. Knowing the types of your drinking water filter is important, as there are some filters that aren’t suitable for certain water types.

Sediment water filters. These types of filters remove dirt or debris such as very fine clay debris. However, refined clay debris sometimes permeates through sediment filters, so it still needs a unique water treatment.

Also, even though sediment, granular, and activated charcoal odour filter enhances the look of water, it doesn’t purify bacteria-contaminated water. Nonetheless, when the going gets tough, remember that there are water filter cartridges that are more durable because of their high-porosity tolerance. Visit at Essential Services

If you’re looking for an affordable cartridge that can withstand high-porosity, a cheap Everpure water filter cartridge Australia has these days can be bought at for $25.30 only.

1. Lead removing water filters. As the name suggests, this type of filter can block traces of lead. However, you have to look out for lead removal systems that are not able to higher levels of lead. If you don’t want to experience what happened to the 2016 drinking water lead contamination in Flint, Michigan, then you should opt for tougher lead removing water filters.

2. Iron removing water filters. If you live in an area where there is an abundance of iron material, then this is the filter type for you. This filter is designed to minimise traces of iron in a water supply. In addition, sediment filters also have the capacity to reduce iron.

3. Bacteriostatic water filters. Made with activated charcoal combined with released traces of silver in ion form, this filter controls bacteria growth.

4. Ceramic water filters/purifiers. A water filter type that uses a ceramic cartridge. They can remove bacteria, sediment, odours, and other contaminants.

TIP: Look out for those mainstream cartridge-type water filters that claim to be “water purifiers.” The latter is a term that is used to describe a device that can remove a considerable amount of bacteria. Always read the datasheet or review water purifier performance test reports before buying those types of filters. Most legitimate water purifiers are made of ceramic. They have hand-held, compact units that can remove bacteria, sediment, and even cysts.

5. Odour water filters & charcoal water filters. These types of filters are made from activated charcoal. They can remove dirt and fine particles. They can also make unwanted taste, odour, and chlorine minimal. An odour-charcoal water filter cartridge like the Everpure water filter cartridge Australia has these days is also designed to withstand high-porosity. If you have 10” bowl housings, then you can opt for an Australia Everpure water filter cartridge.

TIP: How does a residential water treatment system deal when bacteria invades water? Since an odour-charcoal water filter can’t completely eliminate bacteria, you have to combine them with a chlorinator. The latter serves as an anti-bacterial treatment, while the odour-charcoal filter minimises the chlorine level in the drinking water.