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Dude, where can I keep my car? Airport Parking Solutions for the Newbie Solo Backpacker

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It’s two weeks before your flight to Paris or Cambodia, but you’re clueless on where to park your car in Brisbane. Relax. If it’s your first time travelling internationally, there are businesses that can exactly solve your problem. You don’t need to look further because a Brisbane airport parking cheap service is just around the corner.

To begin with, you should know that the Brisbane Airport is the primary international airport serving Brisbane and South East Queensland. It goes without saying but it’s an extremely busy airport. Compared to other airports nationally, it is actually the third busiest Australian airport considering the aircraft movements. So you really have to look for practical parking services to avoid congested traffic and inconveniences that can hassle you.

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Some transportation and car park services that you could consider

Brisbane Airport has two passenger terminals, the international and domestic. They have private flights facilities like Hawker Pacific and Brisbane Jets. They also have four car parks that operate 24 hours all week, where you can park short-term and long-term. The latter is usually availed by solo travellers who go abroad. Click here Kingsford Smith Airport Parking

Meanwhile, Brisbane Airtrain also travels directly to Brisbane. Brisbane Airport has two train stations, which is also a part of a private airport rail line. Both stations which serve both international and domestic passengers are operated by the Airtrain Consortium. Naturally, the Inter-terminal bus tickets are more expensive, compared to a regular suburban ticket. The Airtrain travels via the Queensland Rail City network to Fortitude Valley and Brisbane CBD, with most trains continuing to the Gold Coast via South Bank.

Now, if Brisbane airport has a car park service that includes long-term parking and train stations, then why search for an alternative such as airport parking cheap in Brisbane?

As a solo traveller, there are other expenses that you have to prioritise besides parking your car. Speaking practically, you don’t really need to pay an expensive fee just to get to the airport and park your car when you can get the same service from a cheap airport parking Brisbane has these days.

Cheaper and better car park services

A better alternative is an airport parking cheap Brisbane has these days that’s within the vicinity of the airport. For instance, a Brisbane airport parking cheap service like Kingsford Smith Air Parking’s can provide a free courtesy bus once you parked your car in their facility, which is located only 15 minutes away from the airport, by the way. They can also fetch you with the free courtesy bus once you arrived from your vacation or business trip.

Of course, you have to call them first after your arrival and they will arrive for about 9-12 minutes. By that time, they will collect you at the designated bus collection area at the airport terminal and transport you to their facility where your serviced, shiny car is waiting for you.

A Brisbane airport parking cheap service like Kingsford Smith’s can also provide short-term parking. They also do service to cars like changing oil filters, brake inspection, and engine belt adjustment. See more at