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Types of Business Consultants in the UK

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The terms consulting, business consulting or management consulting are always used interchangeably to refer to the various business consultancy service offered in various areas by various companies in the UK. Consulting is not a blanket one-size fits all business. It is a highly diversified industry with several sub-niches of consultants who specialize in various kinds of professional services.

Consultancy Service

As a result, based on the need and the area of application or services, there are several kinds of business consultants who specialize in diverse areas. Because there are many kinds of market segments with their own specialized consultants as well as an increase in more independent consultants who are literally carving out their own market niche, it is important for businesses that plan to use consultancy services to understand these various categories so that they can know whom to go when they need certain tasks accomplished.

Consultants general specialize in four main categories, namely: strategy, operations, financial advisory, human resources, as well as information technology and technology in general. These are the five main categories of management consultants. Under these of course are hundreds of specialized consultants who handle a diverse array of tasks and services ranging from CRM implementation to business succession.

The Strategy Consultants

These are the top tier of the consulting business. They work at the highest of levels and perform tasks such as the corporate strategy, the organizational strategy, the functional strategy as well as public policy.

The Operations Consultants

The operations consultants play a very important role in the organization. Their role is to support the organization in the implementation and improving of the business processes within certain areas of the organization. The scope of support varies widely and can range from the advisory services to the hands on implementation as well as delivery in certain primary functions of the business such as technology, sales, marketing, manufacturing process, IT, and legal affairs amongst others.

The Financial Consultants

Financial consultants work on the areas to do with financial consultancy for the business. They will carry out both quantitative and financial analysis of the business. Even the financial consulting business is highly diversified. For example, some specialize in financial analysis, risk analysis, financial forensics and many other areas of applications.

The Human Resource Business Consultants

The human resources consultancy services in UK are mainly concerned with solving the various human capital issues in organizations. They will offer professional consulting services to help your organization improve the function of its human capital so as to realize better work relationships, better productivity and other business objectives.

A business consulting firm UK that is involved with human capital issues will be working in various areas in order to improve this human resource function. They can be found working in areas such as change management, benefits as well as compensations regimen, pensions as well as learning and professional development.

The IT Consultants

The IT consultancy service is concerned with helping the business in implementing technological solutions in their business processes. Here, too, you can expect a great deal of differentiation in the business based on the diverse technological needs of organizations. Visit